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Durable and Cost-Effective Solution

Waterproofing system is one of the most critical aspects of any building and creates special challenges for the designer and builder.  With in-depth knowledge of our partner, Dynamic Chemicals has brought in extensive experience in selecting the right solution systems to help the designer and contractors to fulfill any specific requirement of the projects. With our Waterproofing systems, we can provide the latest technology to ensure durable and cost-effective solutions for your waterproofing needs. We have plenty of products range of waterproofing solution to support the construction project from Basement to the roof.

Pre-formed Membrane

Pre-formed membrane sheet for waterproofing solution is for waterproofing or damp-proofing for concrete protection. It may be used for horizontal and vertical application for tanking below ground structures, subways and retaining walls.
Dynamic ChemicalDynamic Chemical

Cementitious Waterproofing Coatings

Cementitious based waterproofing product is used for:
  • Waterproofing coating to the internal faces of water tanks, sumps, reservoirs, planter boxes etc., before tiling or other surface finishing
  • Treating terraces, balconies, kitchen & toilet floors as a sandwich treatment, to prevent water ingress.
  • Treating bridge & flyover decks before wearing course to protect concrete form rainwater ingress.
Dynamic ChemicalDynamic Chemical

Liquid Applied Membrane System

Liquid Applied Membrane (Acrylic, Polyurethane, Polyurea, Polyurea-polyurethane hybrid system) is used in a variety of concrete water-proofing applications including balconies, terraces, podium decks and car park decks. It’s also used in roofing applications where it is exposed to sun light.

Based on technical knowledge and experiences in this market, we are able to introduce qualified applicator to make sure that we can deliver the product with the best quality.