Agrotech VIta Agrotech VIta

Insecticides for Prevention and Treatments

Agrotech Vita Co., Ltd. provides insecticide products classified for prevention and treatments based on the type of insects are:
  • Prevathon 5SC and Steward 15EC are used for chewing insects
  • Oshin 20WP are used for sucking insects
  • Nato 55EC, Oncol 20EC are used for general Pest including chewing and sucking insects
Dynamic ChemicalsDynamic Chemicals
  • OSHIN 20WP is good control for sucking insects as Brown leafhopper, Bug, Flea bettle, Aphid, Mango leafhopper and Fruit fly
  • NATO 55EC is good control as Stem borer, Leaf folder, Case worm, Armyworm, Diamond moths, Fruit borer, and aphids that infested on rice, vegetable and fruit tree crops
  • Steward 15 EC is insecticide that control Lepidoptera by eating and fast absorb into abody. It is quick control of infestation with good proctection. It can control as Leaf folder on the rice crop and diamond backmoth and armyworm on vegetable and pord borer on legume crops
  • Prevathon 5SC is good insecticide long-lasting can control insect Lepidoptera as Leaf folder and stem borer on rice, diamond backmoth and armyworm on vegetable
  • ONCOL 20 EC is systemic and translocating action insecticide and nematocide that can be absorbed by leaf and root of crops. Its strong point is broad spectrum and long-lasting. It also can control some insects that are resistant to insecticides and it's very safe for crops


  • NATO 55EC

    NATO 55EC

    Insecticides for General Pest
  • OSHIN 20WP

    OSHIN 20WP

    Insecticides for sucking insects
  • Steward 15 EC

    Steward 15 EC

    Insecticides for Chewing Insects
  • Prevathon 5SC

    Prevathon 5SC

    Insecticides for Chewing Insects
  • Prevathon 5SC

    Prevathon 5SC

    Insecticides for Chewing Insects
  • ONCOL 20 EC

    ONCOL 20 EC

    Insecticides for General Pest