Agrotech VIta Agrotech VIta

Fungicides & Bactericides

Agrotech Vita Co., Ltd. provides both Fungicides and Bactericides that are used to prevent and control diseases and bacteria on the crops:
  • Fungicides:
    - Defen super 25SC use for Rice Crop, Vegetables & Industrial Crop
    - Vido 30EC use for Rice Crop & Industrial Crop
    - Antracol 70WP use for for Rice Crop, Vegetables & Industrial Crop
    - Nativo 750WG use for for Rice Crop, Vegetables & Industrial Crop
  • Bactericide:
    - Bactrol 8WP for General Crops
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Fungicides for Prevent and Control Fungi's pathogen

  • Vido 30EC is systemic fungicide that can be absorbed by leaf and stem. It can prevent and control diseases that are caused by fungi such as: fusarium fruit rot, common rust, sheath rot, sheath blight and brown spot, etc.
  • DEFEN SUPER 25SC is fungicide that can help to prevent and control disease caused by fungi. It's also increasing yield and can be used for many crops.
  • Antracol 70WP
    • Broad spectrum contact fungicide
    • Fit with protective control disease as downy mildews, anthracnose, - Alternaria, phytophthora, brown spot, Narrow born spot, Sheath blight, Blast, Dirty panicle.
    • Excellent dispersibility property: No clog nozzle.
    • Good sticking property: Rain fastness.
    • Zinc complementary: Release15% of Zinc to enhance crop healthy and yield.
    • Safe to crops: able to apply at all stages.
  • Nativo 750WG
    • High efficacy from 2 new effective MOA as:
    • Trifloxystrobin25% is long lasting controlling , Protection and Greening.
    • Tebuconazole 50% is broad spectrum , Systemic and curative.
    • Broad spectrum fungal control as narrow brown spot, sheath blight, smut, dirty panicle and Blast, Anthracnose, Powdery mildew, White rust, Leaf spot.
    • Convenience with WG formulation: Dissolve easily and un stink smell
Agrotech VIta Agrotech VIta

Bactericides for Prevent and Control Bacteria

  • BACTROL 8WP is bactericide used to prevent and control disease caused by bacteria. It can protect crops from infection and spreading out of disease on cruciferae, tomato, watermelon, black pepper, fruit tree, etc. as well as especially to rice crop.


  • VIDO 30EC

    VIDO 30EC

    Fungicide for Rice Crops


    Fungicide for Vegetables & Industrial Crops
  • Antracol 70WP

    Antracol 70WP

    Fungicide Against Any Disease On Crops


    Bactericide For General Crops
  • Nativo 750WG

    Nativo 750WG

    Fungicides and Bactericides for preventing and controling diseases