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High Performance Concrete Admixture

Having the right admixture partner is vital to the success of any concrete producer such as Ready-mix concrete, Precast Plant and the manufactured concrete products industries.

We have brought in innovative admixture products for various concrete application including high performance concrete, high strength concrete, self-compacting concrete, durable concrete, waterproof concrete and a host of other solutions to meet market needs, for example Smart Dynamic Concrete and MasterEase technology.
Dynamic ChemicalsDynamic Chemicals

Smart Dynamic Concrete (SDC)

SDC is a system of low fines self-consolidating concrete suitable for everyday use, especially applicable for grades 25-40 Mpa. It is a low cementitious based high flow concrete with a distinct cost advantage over self-consolidating concrete. Cost of SDC is approximately 25 percent lower than self-compacting concrete and only marginally more expensive than a traditional mix of similar strength/grade. However, there are significant savings in overall construction costs because
  • Increase placing productivity by up to three times and saving up to 40% of the work time, then the project can be hand over to client before the target schedule
  • Less repair
  • Thanks to its self-compacting characteristics, this concrete does not need to be vibrated, effectively eradicates noise and health hazards for workers
Dynamic ChemicalsDynamic Chemicals


MasterEase is a ground breaking admixture for low viscosity concrete. It improves the rheological properties of high performance concrete, significantly facilitating its pumping, placing and finishing
Application benefit:
  • Reduced pump pressure, reduced wear & tear
  • Faster truck unloading
  • Cost efficient and speedy concrete production and delivery
All the skyscrapers in the world above 500 m height are built with premium range admixtures. For example, Burj Khalifa Project in Dubai, the concrete was pumped to a height of at least 600m- using a single pump at ground level.