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Corn Field Day

Our field staff organized Corn Field Day and offer farmers a tour and learn about how to grow corns with the best practices.
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Big Farmer Meeting

Our expert team from Agro Seed Solutions organized the big farmer meeting with 600 participants including farmers, dealers with honorguests from government and our management team to build a good relationship with our customers in the field.
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Caravan Sales

Agrotech Vita has invested into promotion and education projects directed toward raising consumer awareness and promoting corn farming in the provinces.
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Corn Tour

Corn tour is an event to offer farmers a chance to learn more about other corn farmer's practices in difference area.
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Spot Sales

We organized Spot sales with small group of participants to display our product and also provide special price and gift to customers purchased at the booth. 
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Dealer Incentive Trips

Company provides the fair opportunity to all of achieved dealers that reach the sales target upon their volume sales in every year both local trip and oversea trip. And last year 2019,  our dealers who achieved targets in 2018 were on a rewarding trip with us to Korea and Thailand.

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