Dynamic Group News

Announcing new brand identity

Dynamic Scientific, Dynamic Chemicals along with Dynamic Technologies are proud to announce that we have undergone a rebranding on our logos and corporate identity.

Our new logos represent the transition of trends and industry revolutions, which we have been part of, for the last 20 years. Our new logos will also indicate the significant steps we are taking forward, though our mission and commitment remain unchanged, toward the community.

More About Dynamic Chemicals

Dynamic Chemicals Co., Ltd. has brought in innovative admixture products for various concrete applications including high-performance and high-strength concrete, some of which are 25% cheaper than regular brands. Check out our comprehensive portfolio under the Master Builders Solutions Brand.

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More About Dynamic Scientific

Dynamic Scientific Co., Ltd. is one of the leading providers for scientific equipments and instruments, precision testing, online and inline testing and analysis instruments as well as medical laboratory set up in Cambodia.

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More About Dynamic Technologies

Dynamic Technologies Co., Ltd was established to support Industry 4.0 and Digital Economy. With automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies brings the needs cyber-physical systems, cloud computing, cognitive computing and data analysis.

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