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News & Events

Recent happenings with Dynamic Pharma


End of Year Party

Date: Jan 31 2010

Dynamic Team

The Dynamic Pharma End of Year Party was held at NagaWorld Hotel on Sunday, 31st January 2010. The event started from 5:30pm with more than 200 participants, including Dynamic's team & VIP guests in attendance.

The party began with a group photo session of the entire dynamic team, and then a buffet dinner and music.Other entertainment included Family Care and Chinese School Children dancers, singing by department team members and open dancing. A Lucky Draw was also conducted throughout the party

Buffet Dinner

After some food and music, Tom took the stage to thank everyone for their efforts in contributing to the success of the company during 2009. The Dynamic team had skilfully navigated through the negative economic impact brought by the financial crisis in the U.S. He also wished everyone a very happy and healthy year of the golden tiger.

Tom encouraged all the team members to continue to perform their best so that the company could achieve even more. In particular he urged everyone to continue learning and improving skills, and warned not to become complacent due to the past achievements.

Long Services AwardsLearning should never stop, but should rather be a continuous process throughout life.

The company also used the occasion to introduce the "Long Services Awards". We presented awards to those that have served the company formore 5 years or more, and another award to colleagues that have been with Dynamic for 10 years or more. A special bonus was handed to everyone that qualified for these lengths of service.

The 10 Year Long Service Award went to:

  1. Mr. Ngo Chung
  2. Mr. Ngo Thin
  3. Mr. Ren Vannary
  4. Ms. Lor Ieng Hour
  5. Mr. Horn Bunsong

The 5 Year Long Service Award went to:

Best Performing BU Agrotech Team
  1. Mr. Chen Virak
  2. Mr. Im Seng
  3. Ms. Seng Soksophorn
  4. Mr. Chong Hok
  5. Ms. Houng Pao
  6. Ms. Soy Van Horn
  7. Mr. Chourng Chan Vimean
  8. Mr. Saing Savy
  9. Mr. Or Sam Ol
  10. Mr. Chea Lyna
  11. Ms. Chan Sophana

Big PrizeTom also presented the "Best Performing BU" award to the Agrotech Team. They earned this award by performing excellently in the following areas:

  • Business initiative
  • New Coverages
  • Team work spirit
  • Leadership of the manager
  • Business growth
  • Profitability
  • Zero bad debt

The Best Singer Chan Huy LuongThe Lucky Draw prizes included the following:

  • 1st Prize: Motor Smash 2010
  • 2nd Prize: 31" TV
  • 3rd Prize: Refrigerator
  • 4th Prize: Electric Oven
  • 5th Prize: Rice Cooker
  • 6th Prize: Electric Fan


The singers that represented each department were Kim Vannak (EMD), Chuon Sath (DDC), Thuon Daravuth (DSC & EQP), Rathana & Seyha (ACF), Keo Sokha (Dexa), Hongly (AGT) & Chan Sophal (SCD). After the singing, the heads of department presented mobile phone to each singer as a gift.

We are very grateful for all of their involvement!!!!

Cheers to all and thanks for sharing your enjoyment and active participation with us!

Looking forward to seeing you again next year!!